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Environmentally Safe,
We are proud to offer eco-friendly alternatives for sharps and waste disposal containers, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

What is ECO

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Meet ECO

The "ECO" line represents a series of products focusing on sustainability without compromising quality. These eco-friendly medical waste containers are made using recycled materials, adhering to stringent safety standards. This innovative approach combines environmental responsibility with the highest standards of safety and efficiency in medical waste disposal.

ECO Benefits

Benefit the Environment

Opting for the "ECO" line over standard products offers several advantages. These containers reduce environmental impact thanks to their recycled content, supporting the shift towards a circular economy. Maintain the same industry leading quality while removing plastics from waste streams, landfills and incinerators allowing GIC and our customers to further reduce our impact on the environment.

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ECO Impacts

3 healthcare workers filling out paperwork
Impact that matters

Using "ECO" products contributes positively to environmental conservation. By incorporating recycled materials, these containers minimize waste and resource consumption. This eco-conscious choice aligns with broader sustainability goals, supporting a healthier planet and promoting responsible waste management practices. Thanks to GIC treatment technologies, these recycled containers are treated, broken down, and prepared for re entry into the value chain, furthering their lifecycle.

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