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Discover how we’ve met and exceeded the expectations of clients across different industries, ensuring their safety and satisfaction through our tailored waste management solutions.


cosmetics facility
Ayesha, Clinic Administrator.
"Working with GIC has remarkably improved our clinic's waste management and bottom line. Their tailored solutions fit perfectly with our operational needs, providing efficiency and peace of mind."
manufacturing facility
Fatima, Pharmacist.
"GIC's safe disposal services have elevated our pharmacy's waste management standards, ensuring safety and compliance with ease."
agricultural facility
James, Lab Manager.
"As a lab manager, finding a compliant waste handling service was a slow and cumbersome process, but GIC has exceeded our expectations in every aspect."
agricultural facility
Petar, Dentist.
"GIC's specialized waste solutions have significantly streamlined our dental office's operations, making waste disposal hassle-free."
agricultural facility
Priya, Veterinarian.
"GIC has been instrumental in managing our veterinary practice’s unique waste disposal needs, especially for animal-related waste."


David, University Administrator.
"GIC's assistance in managing our laboratory waste efficiently has been invaluable for our educational institution, easing the burden and workload for our team while keeping us clean and compliant."
manufacturing facility
Keiko, Researcher.
"GIC has been a reliable partner in disposing of our experimental waste, ensuring our research facility operates smoothly and securely."
agricultural facility


cosmetics facility
Irina, Government Official.
"For our government office, GIC's expertise in handling regular and sensitive waste disposal has been exceptional. They ensure waste is destroyed in a secure manner and allow us to focus on what matters most."
manufacturing facility
Lucas, Government Official.
"GIC's nation-wide management services have transformed our operating practices, allowing us to centralize country-wide disposal with a single provider and point of contact."

Specialized Facilities

Nadia, Surgical Center Admin
"In managing critical medical waste, GIC’s professionalism and adherence to safety standards have been outstanding."
manufacturing facility
Kwame, Blood Bank Supervisor.
"The biohazardous waste management services provided by GIC are reliable, efficient, and vital for our operations while their responsiveness and flexibility helps with unexpected rushes."
agricultural facility
Yulia, LTC Facility Manager.
"Our long-term care facility relies on GIC for safe and efficient medical waste management, enhancing our caregiving services and the pricing offered by GIC allows us budgetary reallocations towards better care"
agricultural facility


cosmetics facility
Miguel, Tattoo Studio Owner.
"When I opened up my shop, I was lucky to find GIC. They made the whole process simple and allowed me to focus on the art, while their flexibility makes booking services easy."
manufacturing facility
Mikaela, Spa Owner.
"Our spa has benefitted greatly from GIC's environmentally conscious approach to beauty treatment waste management, something that is top of mind for us and our customers"
manufacturing facility
Jaxon, Mobile IV Drip Operator.
"With GIC we have one simple point of contact for supplies, and easy booking for disposal. Some months are busier than others so the flexibility is a life saver."

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